Why choose concrete mats?

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Many applications… great lasting results!

There’s a wide range of applications where Australian Concrete Mats are utilized, however, it is most commonly used for erosion control.

Australian Concrete Mats are used to control erosion in stormwater channels, inlet and outlet protection, on slopes, for shoreline protection and many other applications.

Australian Concrete Mats offers permanent, hard armoured protection, with a natural vegetated appearance. The Concrete Mat may be mowed over with commercial mowing equipment or left to grow wild. Besides grass, there are many other applications where the mat can be integrated in the re vegetation of planted areas.

For example on creek banks the individual concrete shapes can be cut out where new trees are planted thereby maintaining a stable surface from erosion and also encouraging re vegetation.

  • Permanent erosion control solution
  • Cost-effective solution to severe or minor erosion needs
  • Easy maintenance – commercial mowers can be used
  • Fast and simple installation – roll design makes installation efficient
  • Aesthetic solution – blends in with natural surroundings
  • Improves safety – safe to walk or drive across
  • Environmentally friendly – wildlife can walk across
  • Highly resistant to weather conditions and wet dry cycle
  • Reduces construction cost – low material cost, less labour, and faster project completion
  • Versatile solution – flexible mats conform to existing ground contours, minimising site preparation
  • Mats can be removed and reused on future sites.

Why choose the Australian Concrete Mats?


The quality concrete and high strength geogrid material that go into creating this erosion control system are what makes it such a highly functional, versatile and sustainable product.

Cost Effective

Whether you have a severe or minor erosion problem, our technology offers an affordable solution.

Quality Product

We use tried and tested materials with our Australian Concrete Mats, and it shows in the effectiveness and durability of our product.

Easily Maintained

Whether vegetated or left exposed, our concrete mats are easy to maintain.

Weather Proof

Our materials are highly resistant to changing weather conditions.


Safe for humans to walk or drive on, safe for animals in their natural habitats and safe for the environment. The spacing between blocks can be filled with vegetation or stone., which makes that much more transplant-able into the land, thus reducing accidents and hazards.

Removeable and reusable

Our mats can be removed and reused on future sites.

Permanent erosion protection and prevention