Australian Concrete Mats Products

Our products offer effortless installation while delivering high quality erosion protection and prevention. Designed to withstand Australia’s toughest conditions, our flexible concrete mats provide hard-armed stabilization with 100% drainage. What sets them apart is their capability to support vegetation growth, aiding natural processes. Our solutions are not only efficient but also eco-friendly. Protect your land from erosion and extreme weather with Australian Concrete Mats. Trust us for stability, protection, and environmental preservation.


Listed below is our full range of products for you to conveniently gather together to work out what you require for your project. You’ll get an accurate estimate for your project.

  1. Choose what you need
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  3. Get an accurate pricing based on your choice.
  4. With so many variables freight costs will need to be added manually to your costings once you submit your selected products for a final quotation.

To help you select the correct product for your project you will need to decide on the following variations before making a final selection: