ACM Application Study – Farm Channel Clean up and Protection

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LOCATION: Dungarubba, New South Wales 2480

PROJECT: Cleanup and Protection of drain outlet and water channel on Sugarcane Farm

Over time the outlet pipe and overflow channel on a sugarcane farm had become blocked, overgrown and eroded. The channel had become hard to maintain for the farmer, and due to the excess of weeds and soft sides of the channel banks. He was unable to keep it clear. Over time and the channel banks were soft and failing due to years of water run off from sugarcane fields. Also they were not able to be maintained efficiently by farmer.


  •  An excavator with bucket was used to clear the excess weeds and growth along the inside of the channel and around the drain outlet pipe.
  • An edge seam was dug around the drain to trench-in the leading edge of the mat to secure the edges of the mats on the top side of the channel banks. 
  • The mats were laid across the drain outlet and then cut around the drain pipe and pinned in place, using 450mm anchors.
  • Concrete Erosion mats were then laid into position alongside of the bank sides in preparation to unroll into place.
  • The excavator unrolled the mats from one edge into the base of the drain. He then went to the other side and pulled the mats into place to support the channel walls.
  • Once the mat was in position they were cut to length using a battery operated masonary saw.
  • The joins were secured with 450 mm U-Anchors that were spaced every 900 mm into position.
  • The mats were laid without underlay materials as farmer seeded the drain with grass.
  • End results would be much easier to maintain and reduced sediment loss through the drain outlet. 


  • Reduce the velocity of the water when it flowed down the stormwater drain from flooding.
  • Encourage vegetation growth into the future to allow for the farmer to maintain the drains.
  • Reduce sedimemt loss. Manage drain opening and access.
  • Very efficient with time and resources.
  • This project was a 200 sqm worksite. From the start time the excavator arrivced at 8am to preparation of site and laying of the mat only 4.5 hours with minimal labour as well! Only one excavator and one man on the ground.
  • Once laid the mats starts working straight away, with sound long term benefits!


  • One forklift to offload the delivery truck and place mats onto site.
  • One 5 ton excavator with smooth bucket
  • One labourer on the ground to assist positioning, cutting the geogrid, pin and anchor the mat into place.

TIME: 4.5 hours for preparation, laying and anchoring the mat into place. 


  • 200 square metres

  • 4.5 hours start to finish

  • 1 machine

  • 1 operator and 1 labourer

Quick Unroll Erosion Control Mat.

Simply lay it flat and be done with that!