Flexible Concrete Mat – Non Woven Underlay (200gsm)


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Flexible Concrete Mat with Non Woven Underlay (200gsm)


Mats are supplies in rolls for ease of handling and quick installation

  • Width: 1.2m or 2.4m
  • Lengths: 6/8/10/12/15 m
  • Weight: 45kg per sqm(see table for various roll weights)
  • Underlay 200 gsm Non-Woven Geotextile Underlay(A heavier 400gsm is available – refer to products list for this option)
  • Non-Woven Geotextile Underlay to help filter fine sediment particles and protect washout from underneath the mat.


Flexible mats are concrete shapes embedded into a high strength polyester geogrid, with a layer of geotextile underlay. Concrete is removed between shapes, so there is open geogrid space left between the concrete shapes, which helps it to be more pliable and where the vegetation can grow through.


This is most “flexible” of our concrete mats – it has 3-dimensional flexibility allowing it to contour with the ground shape underneath and go around concrete. The underlay is placed on the underside and rolled up with it. The flexible version is more pliable due to the excess concrete has been removed from between the shapes, exposing the Geogrid openings which allows water to filter through, capturing sediment, and vegetation can grow through the spaces. The less rigid nature of the mat makes it more pliable in several directions.


This is best mat if you want vegetation to grow through the mat and for where the ground is curved, sloped like a table drain or for rehabilitation of an embankment.


• Table drains

• Around contoured landscapes

• Embankments

• Rehabilitation of natural habitat

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Available Options

EM12.06.U201.2 x 6m Roll
EM12.08.U201.2 x 8m Roll
EM12.10.U201.2 x 10m Roll
EM12.12.U201.2 x 12m Roll
EM12.15.U20 1.2 x 15m Roll
EM24.06.U202.4 x 6m Roll
EM24.08.U202.4 x 8m Roll
EM24.10.U202.4 x 10m Roll
EM24.12.U202.4 x 12m Roll
EM24.15.U202.4 x 15m Roll