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Articulated Concrete Blocks for Scour Protection


  • Manufactured in economical standard sizes that allows for joining the mats together, to form a large footprint that can be configured into different sizes.
  • The standardised size enables easy transport and handling on site, without specialised machinery being required.
  • The mats are placed side by side and joined using cable clamps.
  • Manufactured with 40 mpa concrete.
  • Selection of interconnecting cable or rope systems
  • There is space between blocks to provide water permeability and vegetation growth
  • The pyramidal block shape allows for articulation, ranging from 20° to 60°


  • The mats contour to the existing ground
  • This design is key in providing maximum effectiveness by keep a uniform pressure on the geotextile and sub-grade material at all times.


  • Manufactured from 40 mpa concrete.
  • Choice or interconnecting cables – Rope or Stainless-steel wire.
  • Provides strong hard armour protection.


  • The integrated cable in the Articulated Concrete Cable Mats allows for easy interlocking of many standardised mats to form a single strong unit to cover any area required.
  • Clamping the mats is recommended for high flow and steep slope applications.

Vegetation Regrowth

  • Due to the large open area within the concrete blocks, vegetation regrowth can easily occur.
  • For best results, soil should be back-filled and seeded.


  • Articulated Concrete Cable Block Mats are made in a standard size to enable easy install above and below water level.
  • No specialised machinery required to lift or unload.
  • No on-site assembly is required; therefore, keeping labour costs to a minimum.
  • Lifting points available for easy lifting and connecting mats together.



  • A key feature of this product is the interlocking cables are looped on all mat edges to provide mat-to-mat connection and optional anchoring
  • Allows for extra stability using earth anchors and/or U-Bar anchors 


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Solving Erosion Issues

Australian Concrete Mats can provide a wide range of erosion solutions to a variety of situations;

  • Swale Drains
  • Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Embankments
  • Access Roads
  • Road Stabilisation
  • Low Water Crossings
  • Slope Protection
  • Mine Tailing Rehabilitation
  • Inlets/Outlets
  • Culverts
  • Gullies and Channels
  • Drainage Channels
  • Dams and Spillways
  • Settlement Ponds
  • Riverbanks and Creeks
  • Boat Ramps
  • Dam Linings
  • Solar Farms

Efficient Erosion Protection and Prevention

Permanent erosion protection and prevention