For those on the land with dirt or gravel driveways, heavy rain can be a bit of a bummer as well as much-needed liquid gold.
Washed out or damaged driveways can cost you a lot of money. It not only can lead to the loss of topsoil or gravel that you have paid for but can also lead to accidents and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicles.

The key to safeguarding your driveway from the elements is in the base.

This safeguards you from having to repair the same stretch of driveway after every major downpour.

To make sure your problem is permanently fixed, lay a solid base of 75mm gravel first.

Smooth out the gravel surface of the driveway. Now you’re ready to lay the mats.

Unroll a Flexible Concrete Erosion mat over the top of your base. This now becomes a hard armour protection for the driveway.

The mat is made from structural grade concrete. Concrete shapes are connected together with a high-strength polyester Geogrid material.

An underlay geofabric cloth is unrolled at the same time.

The equivalent geofabric is specified under highways. It helps with soil stabilisation and to prevents fine soil particles from washing away.

To complete the project and smooth out the surface and to make it drivable, we recommend you top the Flexible Concrete Erosion mats with more gravel then level it out.

The mat can be anchored into position with Ubar anchors and begins working straight away!

If you are unsure about how much product you will need to fix your driveway properly, we are happy to point you in the right direction.


The flexible quick unroll erosion control concrete mat that makes on-ground works easy!

Also suitable for roadside drains, dam spillways, low creek crossings, overflow channels, farm roads and tracks.

Australian Concrete Mats flexible concrete mats are made specifically to stabilise the ground, create a hard armoured protection for slopes and embankments, whilst they are permeable and will support vegetation growth through the mat, which will assist to capture and filter sediment and valuable nutrients from being lost into waterways.

Flexible concrete mats are a simple and efficient solution for land managers and property owners.