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Sizes and Weight Detail for Flexible Concrete Mats

Concrete Roll Sizes and Weight Specifications

  • Rolls are supplied in 2.4m wide in lengths up to 15m.
  • The mat weighs 45kg per sqm.
  • Each 15m roll is 36 sqm.
  • Weight of 1 x 15m roll is 1.6 ton.
  • 15 rolls make a semi load (just under 24 ton)
  • Details below are an indication of what’s available.

(2.4m wide)
(2.4m wide)
(2.4m wide)
(2.4m wide)
(2.4m wide)
********FLEXIBLE MATS********************************
Weight (kg)648 kg864 kg1080 kg1296 kg1600 kg
Mats per semi truckload (24 tonne)37 Rolls27 Rolls22 Rolls18 Rolls15 Rolls
********FIRM MATS********************************
Weight (kg)720 kg960kg1200 kg1440 kg1800 kg
Mats per semi truckload (24 tonne)33 Rolls25 Rolls20 Rolls16 Rolls13 Rolls
Lifting Points/Straps2 x Straps2 x straps2 x lifting straps 2 x lifting straps2 x lifting straps
Diameter of Each Roll (cm) Approx 40 cmApprox 55 cmApprox 72 cmApprox 80 cmApprox 90 cm

Lifting and Loading Concrete Mats


A guide to lifting flexible concrete erosion mats

These tips are for when lifting the Concrete Mats with the orange strapping provided on each of the rolls. (Note: if you are unsure, Hire a qualified dogman and crane operator. Use load certified and approved lifting straps).

  • Concrete mats 2.4m wide 3m to 10m long require 2 x lifting points per mat, using approved lifting chains.
  • Concrete Mats 2.4m wide x 10m to 15m long require 2 x lifting points per Mat using supplied lifting slings

Use appropriate lifting machinery and licenced dogman, if unsure ask!

Approximate size of the excavator to move concrete mats and place.

  • 5 Tonne excavators to lift mats size 2.4m x 3m to 8lm
  • 8 Tonne excavators to lift mats size 2.4m x 8m to 10lm
  • 12 Tonne excavators to lift mats sizes 2.4m x 10m to 12lm
  • 20 Tonne Excavator to lift mats sizes 2.4m x 12m to 15lm long

How the concrete mats and rolls are loaded and unloaded


Permanent erosion protection and prevention

Some of Australian Concrete Mats customers include...