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Sizes and Weight Detail for Flexible Concrete Mats

Concrete Roll Sizes and Weight Specifications

  • Rolls are supplied in 2.4m wide in lengths up to 15m.
  • The Flexible mat weighs 45kg per sqm.
  • The Firm Mat weights 50kg per sqm
  • Each 15m roll is 36 sqm.
  • Avg of 15 rolls make a semi load (just under 24 ton)
  • Details below are an indication of loading rolls 

Lifting and Loading Concrete Mats


A guide to lifting flexible concrete erosion mats

These tips are for when lifting the Concrete Mats with the orange strapping provided on each of the rolls. (Note: if you are unsure, Hire a qualified dogman and crane operator. Use load certified and approved lifting straps).

  • Concrete mats 2.4m wide 3m to 10m long require 2 x lifting points per mat, using approved lifting chains.
  • Concrete Mats 2.4m wide x 10m to 15m long require 2 x lifting points per Mat using supplied lifting slings

Use appropriate lifting machinery and licenced dogman, if unsure ask!

Approximate size of the excavator to move concrete mats and place.

  • 5+ Tonne excavators to lift mats size 2.4m x 3m to 8lm
  • 5+ Tonne excavators to lift mats size 2.4m x 8m to 10lm
  • 8+ Tonne excavators to lift mats sizes 2.4m x 10m to 12lm
  • 8+ Tonne Excavator to lift mats sizes 2.4m x 12m to 15lm long

How the concrete mats and rolls are loaded and unloaded

Concrete Mats are supplied in rolls. For transport the rolls are stacked pyramid style on the bed of a truck. See the diagrams as reference as to how the loads are packed onto trucks.

The stack and arrangement is dependent on the truck bed, sizes and how it is loaded and offloaded. These are simply examples of how the rolls can be carried on a truck. Note, the final load is the responsibility and decision of the contractor driver how his load is packed – these are examples of how they rolls are loaded only.


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