Transport and Handling

The mats are easy to handle and transport

How the concrete mats and rolls are loaded and unloaded

Technical Specifications for Flexible Erosion Mats

Concrete Mat and Roll Specifications

  • Rolls are supplied in 2.4m wide in lengths up to 15m.
  • The mat weighs 40kg per sqm.
  • Each 15m roll is 36 sqm.
  • Weight of 1 x 15m roll is 1.44 ton.
  • 16 rolls make a semi load (just under 24 ton)
  • Details below are an indication of what’s available.

2400mmWeight (kg)288 kg576 kg864 kg1152 kg1440 kg
Mats/Truckload 24t83 Rolls41 Rolls27 Rolls20 Rolls16 Rolls

Articulated Cable Blocks Handling and Transport

Cable Block can be stocked onto a pallet for ease of handling and transport.

Pictures of this and their specs is coming soon.

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