Flexible Concrete Erosion Mats

Learn about what a concrete mat is and how it works.

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What is a concrete mat and its’ features?

The flexible concrete erosion mat is manufactured by Australian Concrete Mats and consists of concrete shapes, interlocked together and embedded into a high strength, polyester geogrid.


  • There are is space surrounding each concrete shape that gives Australian Concrete Mat the flexibility.
  • When laid flat the mat will contour to the landscape
  • Mat can be secured to slopes up to 60 degrees
  • Easily forms around pipes drains and trees
  • The openings also allow vegetation to grow through the mat.
  • Vegetation helps to anchor the mat and provides natural absorption and filtration of sediment into waterways.
  • Eventually, vegetation will completely cover the mat and maintenance also becomes easier.
  • There is a hard surface for vehicular and foot traffic Reduced vehicle bogging and safer to maintain as the mats can be mowed over with commercial mower.
  • The textured nature of the concrete shapes facilitates the slowing down of water as it travels across and around the shapes in the mat. This works especially well when the vegetation has grown through the geogrid spacings.
  • The flexibility of the mats also enables them to be packaged in rolls, making handling and installing the mat quick and efficient
  • The mats can be manufactured with various backings such as non-woven fabric to stop vegetation growth or backing material to promote vegetation growth, depending on the soil conditions and other factors required.
  • There’s a wide range of applications where Australian Concrete Mat is utilized, but it is most commonly used for erosion protection and prevention. The mats are used to protect swale drains, water channels, outlet protection, on slopes, for shoreline protection and many other applications.

Permanent erosion protection and prevention