Articulated Cable Block Mat

Articulated Concrete Block Mat for heavy duty erosion protection

The Articulated Concrete Block Mat is a flexible concrete block revetment system specifically designed for permeable paving applications.

Engineered as an alternative to rock rip rap, the block mat is designed to control various types of erosion due to water, wind or vehicular traffic.

What is an Articulated Concrete Block Mat?

The block mat system is interlocked by polypropylene or stain-less steel cables, which are poured through each block in both directions. This allows each individual block to be flexible and form to the terrain of the ground.
To provide protection for larger areas, the mats are placed side by side, joined together using cable clamps.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible design for fast economical installation•
  • Interlocking cables are looped on mat edges to provide mat-to-mat connection and optional anchoring
  • Flexible mats conform to ground contours, minimizing site preparation
  • Gaps between blocks provide water permeability and vegetation growth
  • Easily maintained when vegetated or rock filled
  • Cost-effective solution to severe or minor erosion
  • Precast mats with pre-attached geotextile speed installation and quality of finished project
  • Mats can be removed and reused on future sites

Where is the Block Mat used?

  • Shoreline Protection

  • Spillways

  • Culvert Inlets/Outlets

  • Channel or Gully Lining

  • Dam Linings

  • Vehicular Access Roads

  • Boat Ramps

  • Gentle Slopes Landscapes

Concrete Block Mat Specifications

  • Each block is typically 100mm high, 290x290mm on the top face and 390x390mm at the bottom face.
  • Mats are 2400x1200mm, made from 32 MPA concrete blocks interlocked by polypropylene or stainless steel cables, which are poured through each block in both directions.
  • 15mm spacing (at base) between blocks provide opening for vegetation to grow through or granular backfill.