Backing Options for Concrete Erosion Mats

Australian Concrete Mats can be manufactured with various backing materials.

Australian Concrete Mats (ACM) can be supplied with or without backing materials depending upon its final application

Choose one of these options…

Option One – No Backing Material

No Backing – ACM can supply the erosion control mat without a backing material,
This method you can grass and seed before unrolling the mat.

Option Two – GeoMat to promote or inhibit vegetative growth

Purchase Australian Concrete Mat with a backing material already attached ready to unroll as one; Choose between;

(A) Nutrition Geomat or (B) Non-Woven Geotextile

\(See below for more details on the Backing materials)

Option Three – Supply your own backing material

Supply your own backing material for your mats to be rolled up with to suit your project conditions and specifications. (Conditions apply)

What is Nutrition Geomat?

Nutrition Geomat is a newly developed biodegradable erosion control blanket used to protect soils in areas exposed to wind or high rainfall. Nutrition Geomat provides an ideal media for seed germination as it protects the soil from erosion while encouraging strong and healthy vegetation. It is used for the stabilisation of embankments or batters, and also inhibits weed growth during re-vegetation.

Nutrition Geomat is made from high strength polypropylene fibres needle punched with wool and plant fibres. The soft, needle-punched geotextile has a high tear resistance and excellent drainage. Wool aerates the substrate and retains water. This reduces watering frequency and allows optimal root growth.

As the wool decomposes it slowly releases valuable plant nutrients – Nitrogen-9%, Phosphorous-1% and Potasium-2% as well as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sulphur and micro micronutrients into the soil. The result is strong, healthy vegetation without the need for additional fertilisation for up to 6 months.

Advantages of Nutrition GeoMat

  • Easy to seed;
  • Less water is required to achieve a high germination percentage and high survival rate;
  • Inhibits weeds during early plant growth;
  • Vegetation is strong and healthy;
  • Max water flow rate is 4m/s. before Australian Concrete Mat is attached above it.

Nutri Geomat biodegradable erosion control geotextile

Nonwoven GeoTextile

Nonwoven staple fibre geotextiles can withstand harsh installation conditions and high construction loads. Needle punched nonwovens combine flexibility and high elongation with high puncture resistance. They offer superior filtration (AOS<0.075mm) and prevent the ingress of fines into drainage media. Because staple fibre geotextiles achieve higher interface friction angles than similar weight nonwovens manufactured using other processes, they are beneficial for constructing a stable layer over soft foundation soils.

Staple Fibre Applications

  • Separation
  • Drainage
  • Filtration
  • Geomembrane Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Reinforcement

Nonwoven staple fibre needle punched geotextiles offer a cost effective alternative for separation, filtration and protection applications. They are also chemically resistant to naturally occurring soil environments and polypropylene nonwoven geotextiles have a strong resistance to acid environments (pH<3.5). Nonwoven geotextiles deliver high flow-through rates and excellent drainage performance. They accommodate soil irregularities, are more resistant to puncture damage from stones or other objects embedded in the ground and often used to cushion geomembranes. The abrasion resistance of staple fibre geotextiles is particularly beneficial when only gravel fills are available and under the concrete erosion mat.

High strength nonwoven geotextile 

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