Applications for Concrete Erosion Mats

Australian Concrete Mats provides a wide range of solutions to a variety of applications.

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Solving Erosion Issues

Australian Concrete Mats provide a wide range of erosion solutions to a variety of situations

  • River and creek bank protection
  • Culvert inlet/outlet protection
  • Spillways
  • Swale Drain protection
  • Pond Lining
  • Pipeline protection
  • Lagoon Protection
  • Low Water Crossings
  • Dam Overflow/Intakes
  • Access Roads
  • Overflow/Weirs
  • Boat Ramps

Before concrete mat placement

Progress works filling with top soil

Progress works top soils seeded and waiting for rain!

After 1 month Concrete Mat placement

The concrete mat is a simple and quick solution. Great results, once and for all!

Shoreline Protection

Australian Concrete Mats increase the shoreline and bank resistance from erosive forces. They are iused to repair bank failures to protect valuable development and resources.

Riverbank Protection

When erosion caused by high velocity and high-water levels erode our riverbanks, Australian Concrete Mats offer bank stabilization solutions to help protect ecosystems as well as developments.

Landfill Drainage Channels

Using our concrete mats enables contractors to create a permanent channel to direct storms water into settlement ponds and other waste areas at a reduced cost.

Lake and Dam Overflow Protection

When severe storms strike it endangers the lakes and dams on which we depend. Australian Concrete Mats provide protection from the erosive forces of flowing water.

Access Roads

The linked concrete blocks provide a stable surface which is flexible and interlocking on the natural ground surface which enables traffic to move over the ground surface. The concrete blocks protect areas of weakness from long-term erosion that may see the access roads size and stability threatened over time.

Boat Ramps 

Our mats create a safe, effective and durable structure to service boaters and canoers within a multiple of waterway areas. It provides a stable surface to work on.

Pipeline Protection

Australian Concrete Mat is an economical solution for protecting exposed and threatened pipeline disturbances, decreasing the potential for corrosion and physical damage. Inadequate erosion control methods, especially on pipelines constructed in steep, hilly regions creates the potential to introduce a large amount of sediment and silt into streams or wetlands at the base of the slopes.


Australian Concrete Mat can be easily placed together to provide one homogeneous erosion protection system. Preventing scouring of dam walls.

Temporary and Emergency Erosion Control

When emergencies strike, rely on our technology to stop dangerous erosion and strengthen existing structures and passageways.

Permanent erosion protection and prevention

Some of Australian Concrete Mats customers include...