Cleanup and protection of Macadamia orchard water channel and drain


Sneaths Lane, ALSTONVALE NSW 2477



  • 150 linear metres
  • 10 rolls – 2.4 wide x 15m long
  • 4 hours start to finish
  • 1 x 5 tonne excavator
  • 1 operator and 1 labourer

During installation and video showing 6 weeks afterward in first heavy rain event.


A shallow drain between rows in macadamia orchard has begun to erode with the flow of water, cutting a deep channel and beginning of erosion issues. Farmer wanted a long term solution to support the water flow and vegetation growth as well as something that would support  vehicles driving on it.



  • Excavator levelled and prepared the eroded drain and shaped a channel for water flow.
  • Rolls of concrete mat were delivered to site and unloaded along the edge of the prepared drain.
  • The drain was seeded underneath and mats were supplied with Nutrition mat underlay
  • The tractor unrolled the mats into position along the length of the orchard drain
  • The mats were laid end to end and overlapped at the ends for a continuous flow
  • End results would be much easier to maintain and reduced erosion of vital top soil in the orchard


  • Reduce the speed of the water when as it flowed down the orchard drain during heavy rains
  • Encourage vegetation growth into the future to allow for the farmer to maintain the drains.
  • Reduce sediment loss
  • Very efficient with time and resources.
  • This project was complete in only 4 hours with minimal labour as well!
  • Once laid the mats starts working straight away, with sound long term benefits!

Watch how easy it is to install the erosion mat on this project.

Easy to mow over vegetated flexible concrete erosion mats.

TECHNICAL DRAWING – Standard Water Channel