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Simple efficient solutions…

  • Offering cost effective solutions to existing erosion issues
  • Efficient alternatives to failing erosion systems (like rip rap, gabion mattresses)
  • Easy to use engineered products to meet your needs

A common goal…

Richard and Alan are both fathers, business partners, and innovators! They met at their local Rugby Club, where their sons played. They got chatting over a few beers and the rest is history! They formed a successful and fulfilling business relationship as they are both share a common goal.

They are practical blokes, they believe in keeping things simple and solving problems once and for all!

Richard Mould and Alan Theron are the owners and directors of Australian Concrete Mats. They are both hands-on in the development and manufacture of concrete products at their factory in northern NSW, just south of Ballina.

Simple engineered solutions…

They offer simple engineered solutions for issues that arise from Australia’s harsh environmental conditions in their concrete products. Concrete erosion mats is just one aspect of their concrete solutions business.

Since 2015, they are also Australia’s largest manufacture of prestressed concrete fence posts, Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd. Supplying lifetime guaranteed prestressed concrete fence posts to NSW and QLD Roads and Maritime Departments, council authorities, civil projects and land owners and developers across Australia.

In their backgrounds, both Alan and Richard come with a wealth of experience in construction, earthmoving, rural, and logistics businesses. 

Permeable protection…

Australian Concrete Mats brings together their wealth of practical experience and they manufacture a simple-to-use engineered solution for all types of erosion due to water, wind or vehicle traffic. Offering permeable erosion protection that’s great for the environment and suitable for various applications; shoreline protection, spillways, swale drains, hard surface access roads, and many more.

Efficient and sustainable…

Explore the website, give Australian Concrete Mats team a call or drop us an email. They are guaranteed to offer an efficient and sustainable solutions to your erosion and stabilisation issues.

We’re practical blokes, we believe in keeping things simple, and we strive to solve problems once and for all!

Richard and Alan

Owner and Director, Australian Concrete Mats

Thanks so much Australian Concrete Mats.
Such a great product.
Excellent service.
The truck driver was great, very accommodating and helpful.
Much appreciated for all your efforts, both myself, my landscaping team and the excavator driver will be recommending your company and it concrete mat product to all our contacts.
Thanks again.

June 2022 - Neil


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