Erosion Control with Concrete Mats & Blocks

Quick Unroll Erosion Control


Ongoing erosion issue?

Erosion issues before concrete mat placement

Long-term solutions

Result after concrete mat placement

Permanent Erosion Control

Australian Concrete Mats are a flexible concrete block mat, engineered to be a permanent erosion prevention system that controls various types of erosion due to water, wind or vehicle traffic.


The concrete mat is utilized for stabilizing water channel sides and beds, pipe and culvert inlets/outlets, slopes, shorelines, low water crossings, mine tailing sites, dam spillways, cattle crossings and almost any place you have hydraulic erosion protection needs.

Simple Design and Technology

Australian Concrete Mats consists of concrete pyramid shapes, made from 40 Mpa concrete blocks. The dimensions are 160mm x 148mm with a 58mm profile, locked together and embedded into a high strength geogrid.

Spaced at 40mm apart the blocks give the mat flexibility and allow for optional vegetation growth through the mat.

Easy to handle and install

The mat is packaged in rolls, making transport and installation efficient.


Simply lay it flat and be done with that!