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Strong Articulated Erosion Protection
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Permanent Erosion Control

Australian Concrete Mats offer simple efficient engineered solutions for issues that arise from Australia’s harsh environmental conditions with their concrete products.

They manufacture two types of erosion protection systems; The flexible concrete erosion mats and an articulated concrete cable block mat. Both are engineered to be a permanent erosion prevention system that controls various types of erosion due to water, wind or vehicle traffic.


The concrete mat is utilised for stabilising water channel sides and beds, protecting pipe and culvert inlets and outlets, slopes, scour protection along shorelines, low water crossings, mine tailing sites, dam spillways, stock crossings and almost any place you have hydraulic erosion protection needs.

Simple Design and Technology

Concrete shapes are embedded into high strength polyester geogrid. The mat is flexible because of the shape of the concrete and the space between them. Openings around the concrete shapes allow vegetation to grow through the mat.
Offers hard armour permeable protection with a natural vegetated appearance, The vegetation growth creates higher filtration rates.
The flexible concrete erosion mats and articulated concrete cable mats are a sound alternative to failing erosion methods like rip rap, gabion mattresses, poured concrete channels, or plastic Geo cells.

Easy to handle and install

The flexible mat is packaged in rolls, making transport and installation efficient. The articulated concrete cable mat is easily lifted using its interlocked cable directly into position.

Quick Unroll Erosion Control
Flexible concrete mat preventing erosion only 6 weeks after installation
Watch How Quick And Easy To Install
Easy to mow over vegetated flexible concrete erosion matsl


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